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Pdirk01 7 days ago

Black Bean Garden Burger

Work next door and absolutely love the garden burger! Always moist, never dry and tastes amazing!

Twalks99 11 days ago

Ollie Wrap

Absolutely incredible combination of foods that all come together to create a blast of flavor that's sure to make you come back for more!

Rachel about 1 month ago

Q's Poutine

I just visited for the first time last night. The drinks were delicious and the food was amazing. The service was prompt and very nice. I will definitely come back and recommend it to everyone.

El8950 about 1 month ago

12 Wings

I have eaten a lot of wings in my days on this earth. The wings at J.B. Quimby's were not only perfectly cooked, but beautifully plated. I would recommend traveling from any part of the world, to Rochester, to try these delicious wings.

Knemecek24 about 2 months ago

Creamy Sausage Escarole

Best place in Rochester for their daily soup specials. Stuffed pepper soup was mind blowing. One Rochester's best kept secrets for daily specials and friendly staff.

Levin 3 months ago

Corned Beef Reuben Melt

Absolutely delicious!! One of the best reuben melts I've ever had

Staples103 3 months ago


Best wings in Rochester! That, combined with great service, extensive beer menu and friendly staff has made this my neighborhood bar--and I don't even live in the neighborhood!! Check it out!

Blevygocuse 4 months ago

12 Wings

The wings at JB Quimby's are amazing! Mike's sweet heat is a personal favorite of mine. Extra crispy is worth the wait! As a teenager I went to the same location when it was O'Briens butcher shop...then End of the Rainbow(great wings !) , Salty Dog, and finally the best Wings in ROC at Quimbys. All the sides , apps , burgers , wraps etc never disappoint! It's also a great value whether it is wing night or not....Highly recommended and glad it's in my neighborhood !

Urfaceisobsolete 4 months ago

Grilled Chicken Pita

This new feature has become my go to, i,think i could eat it everyday. The chicken is always juicey and the garlic aoli takes the bitterness out of the spinach, the peta is fresh and warm.

Cydbon 5 months ago

Q's Shrimp Bowl

I love the Q-bowl! Putting the sizzler into a bowl was a great idea. It's packed with flavor and is a healthy fresh option.

Richpaprocki 6 months ago


Best wings and craft beer selection in town!

Carolcamacho86 6 months ago


I had the buffalo garlic parm wings and they were excellent. I am gonna try jerk rub wings today.

Dcpeterson98 6 months ago

Breakfast Quesadilla

Been going here for years, and have NEVER been disappointed with the meals, best crispy fries in town or beer choices on tap! We recently discovered the brunch menu on Sundays, was skeptical at first but man that breakfast quesiadiller was awesome! 10/10 would recommend coming for brunch!

Jenn 6 months ago

Corned Beef Reuben Melt

We enjoyed the reuben immensely. But the BIG draw for me and my mom was the AMAZING, YES AMAZING, Bloody Mary with all the fixings! I have not had better!!!!

Sconklin 6 months ago

Corned Beef Reuben Melt

I am in the constant search for the best Reuben ever, so in every new restaurant I go to, I try their Reuben. I tried Quimby's Reuben for the first time almost 20 years ago, and I have yet to find anywhere that comes close to it! It continues to be my go to meal at Quimby's after all this time. The quality rye bread, the REAL corned beef (none of that sliced deli meat here), and tater tots with a side of buffalo garlic sauce...perfection! I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it.

Van 7 months ago

Q's Plate

Best plate in Rochester!

Nbonafede 7 months ago


Best wings in Rochester

Patrick 7 months ago

Q's Plate

Fries and tots are good, still enjoy home fries better which they do have on occasion!

Patrick 7 months ago

1/2 lb. Burger

Great burgers, one of my more frequently ordered items

Hairitage94 7 months ago

8oz Angus Pub Steak

The steak was perfect. Literally perfect. It was placed on top of 2 garlic baguettes that soaked up the steak juices. Yum. I ordered mine with salt potatoes. Very unique. Plus great service and atmosphere. Spectacular local pub. I have had larger parties there and still receive the same great service. My favorite restaurant.

Melliott3659 10 days ago


The buffalo garlic parm wings are the BEST! I crave these wings and find myself ordering the same thing every time I visit because they are that good!

Sprogonic 17 days ago

Ollie Wrap

Look I'm telling you right now all the other reviews are bush league. You come to JB Quimbys you get the Ollie wrap end of discussion. Steak chicken yardbird sauce. What else is there to say

Amessenger1 about 1 month ago

Q's Plate

Over a decade ago, a small handful of college friends started a tradition, and it has unofficially become 'The Quimbys Crew.' No matter where life takes us, every week on the same day, a group of us can be found in the same spot, and our group has grown exponentially over the years. We all have our favorite items on the menu- for me, I HAVE to order a Q's Plate if my husband orders one, because if not, I'll be jealous! The fries are always crispy and are the best anywhere, and the sizzlers are really exciting to see come to the table. Our servers have become friends over the year, and Quimbys has become a home away from home where we celebrate each other's successus and support each other through tough times. There is now a new generation of 'Quimbys kids' and at every wedding, we get a whole group shot of our crew, which has grown exponentially. Without our weekly trips to Quimbys, this group of friends never would have developed and stayed close over so many years and into the next generation. It's a great affordable place to feel comfortable, and enjoy sharing a meal or some awesome craft beers, where you're always taken care of.

Melissa about 2 months ago

Q's Veggie Bowl

My friends and I have been going to Quimbys weekly for years. The food is amazing and the staff is super friendly. I LOVE Quimbys sauteed veggies. You can get a little bit as a side or you can order a Q Bowl and get a lot of veggies with rice. The wraps are also really good. My favorite wrap is the California because I love avacado.

Stephaniegilbert617 3 months ago

Q's Poutine

I love the french fries and all the diffeent options you have. Not a lot of pubs have so many but they definitely stepped up.

Patrick 3 months ago

Brunch Wrap

Regular brunch choice here, have had this and the sandwiches but this is my go-to

Mary Rose Aceto 4 months ago

Ollie Wrap

This is my go-to at Quimbys if there isn't an intriguing special (which I admit there often is!!) - love the wrap because it's crunchy and a great combination of flavors plus I can get tots with it. Quimby's has the best sides options! The California wrap is a close second, but I've never had a meal I didn't enjoy, which is why I keep coming back! :9

Kristenhallagan 4 months ago

Q's Poutine

Brought our out of town guest here to try poutine for the first time ... they must pop it under the broiler before bringing it out because the cheese curds are melted and so chewy delicious! Great beer selection - specials offered month by month We also enjoyed 2 dinner specials - clams that tasted like they were steamed with a hint of wine ... delicious! And .75¢ wings ... we chose two different sauces and both were tasty- white garlic parm and the sweet and hot house

Vincent 5 months ago

Ollie Wrap

All the food here is great, but the Ollie's wrap is my favorite! Food is always fresh and great quality.

Daniellejaneen586 6 months ago

Rajun Cajun Wrap

I think I have tried about 80% of the menu and I keep coming back for more because it's definitely some of the best food I've ever had. This wrap is my default choice because it's sweet and spicy and makes me so warm and happy inside! Best fries ever!

Amykrakowiak 6 months ago

California Wrap

Love Quimby's! An unassuming place that makes good food, has delicious beer and is efficient and friendly. This is our go-to!

Smitty2k1 6 months ago


Not much to say besides that it is the best one I've had in Rochester in the last 11 years that I've been working here

Connie 6 months ago

Q's Salmon Bowl

I love salmon and am very particular on salmon dishes. Quimby's offers an excellent salmon dish...and the "Bowl" with veggies and rice pilaf was PERFECTLY DELICIOUS! I'm looking forward to trying the Q's Shrimp Bowl version!

Calicopainting 6 months ago

Chicken French Melt

A bit dry. Needed more sauce. Overall I'd give it a 7 out of 10

Salharbi91 6 months ago

Q's Plate

THIS IS THE BEST garbage plate you will ever have. I have tried so many around town but this one always hits the spot...oh let me tell you about the pulled pork melt .. so my fiance goes here a lot for lunch with his coworkers. One day he brought home this pulled pork melt. I woke up in the middle of the night looking for a snack so I warmed that sandwich and OMG that was the best late night snack I have ever had. it didn't even have that weird leftover pork taste. All of this to say whatever dish you get from here is always going to be very tasty.

Char 7 months ago


The chicken quesadillas are fantastic!!! I order them every time I go in here now. They are a perfect meal to have for lunch and I can never even finish them, as the serving is so generous! I always end up bringing half of it home with me. I would recommend these to any one who loves quesadillas...they are the best I have ever had.

Beejeeeh 7 months ago

1/2 lb. Burger

We attend almost every Thursday "Burger Night" and have NEVER been disappointed...FNTASTIC FOOD & FANTASTIC SERVICE, ❤️❤️❤️ the place, been a regular for years...bill/jeanette

Patrick 7 months ago


Used to be a go-to for me, still enjoy on occasion!

Patrick 7 months ago

Boneless Wings

Great wings, some of the best around. Favorites are garlic parm, mild, medium and hot have good flavors! Recently enjoyed Jamaican jerk as well


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