J.B. Quimby's
J.B. Quimby's
J.B. Quimby's

About J.B. Quimby's

J.B. Quimby's was established in 2000. Our goal was to open a bar and restaurant for the rest of us. Not a club, not a dance party, just a good old American bar. We succeeded - big time! If you have never stopped in you have to. J.B. Quimby's is the type of place you would expect to see on a sitcom - without the goofy bartender.
Joseph H. Bonafede, Publican

Here at J.B. QUIMBY's we only try to do two things:

That's as complicated as it gets for us. How about you?

But if what you want is good food, good drink and a good time...

We'll See You At J.B. QUIMBY's!

We are located at the corner of Winton Road and Jefferson Road, Henrietta - in The Win-Jeff Plaza... Click here for map